Sunday, 4 March 2012

Exciting News today - February 24th 2012
Lower Gill Holidays has been shortlisted for a GoldStar Award by the Green Tourism Business Scheme. This means we are in the top 2% of green businesses in the UK and we have been shortlisted because we had one of the highest scores in the Gold Category. We will find out at an Award Ceremony in Edinburgh on May 25th if we have actually won. We are all thrilled !

Other news -we have a pond full of frog spawn and if you creep up to the pond you can hear about six or seven frogs croaking away. The weather is generally improving, the daffodils and crocuses are on the verge of flowering.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Spring at Lower Gill 2011

It's been a busy time of year again. April was full in the cottages and the Royal Wedding was thoroughly enjoyed -see Lower Gill's Celebration Barbecue below. We achieved gold in our Green Tourism Award again which we think is a great achievement.

The early warm weather has meant butterflies are out and about, Jeff is rushing to cover up the cabbages in the vegetable plot ! Come and see us and enjoy all sorts of fresh vegetables and salad. We have a broody hen sitting on a dozen eggs at the moment, let's hope we get plenty of chicks, the target to beat is 9 !

Monday, 4 May 2009

Gold Award

We are thrilled to bits, the result for all our hard work has payed off, we got a gold award from the G.T.B.S. It was presented to us at Hornby Village hall on the 23rd of April, they were great hosts, we had a lovely day.

The swallows and house martins are back. Lesley and I spent ages getting one out off my bedroom. We converted the barn in 1995, the swallows still try to nest in here every year.
In flowery fold wood the bluebells and wood anemonies are out they look good together. The weather has been so dry and sunny it was great walking through the wood. We have a family from Holland in one of our cottages, I'm pleased the weather was good for them last week, this week hasn't started off to well.
We have just got 20 more hens, as we couldn't keep up with the demand for eggs, they are settling in ok!

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Fresh Air

Back from our holidays, we had a great time, but it was lovely to get back. The sun was shining spring flowers out, fresh air, (we called in at Morroco whilst we were away, it was dirty, dusty and smelly) you don't realize how clear and fresh it is here until you have been away for awhile.

We had the grading visit but don't get the results yet, a couple of weeks to wait until we get them at the presentation. Keeping our fingers crossed, we worked really hard. We use soap nut pods now for washing the linen, they are great, everything is so soft and you aren't using any chemicals. Good for people with sensative skin.

Lambs are having races round the field, they are lovely when they are small.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Mad as a March Hare

It's a lovely day today, sunny and warm. The chickens think it is great, they don't like the cold and snowy weather. Cottages are looking good, we have the decorators in. Tuesday is the big day, we have the grading visit for the Green Tourism Business Scheme. We have been running around like the proverbial mad hares ensuring all the required elements are in place.
It's been interesting, looking forward to getting feedback from our guests.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

February wildlife

The curlews have arrived and the snowdrops are in full bloom.
The wild garlic is poking through and the crocuses are appearing. Robins are getting territorial. We've started our tree planting programme - 50 Elderberry trees before April !

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