Monday, 4 May 2009

Gold Award

We are thrilled to bits, the result for all our hard work has payed off, we got a gold award from the G.T.B.S. It was presented to us at Hornby Village hall on the 23rd of April, they were great hosts, we had a lovely day.

The swallows and house martins are back. Lesley and I spent ages getting one out off my bedroom. We converted the barn in 1995, the swallows still try to nest in here every year.
In flowery fold wood the bluebells and wood anemonies are out they look good together. The weather has been so dry and sunny it was great walking through the wood. We have a family from Holland in one of our cottages, I'm pleased the weather was good for them last week, this week hasn't started off to well.
We have just got 20 more hens, as we couldn't keep up with the demand for eggs, they are settling in ok!

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